Hello World!

After 8 months of working on the beta version, we are pleased to introduce you to Pojo – WordPress themes that are based on a modern Framework. Each of our themes are 100% ready for translation into different languages, as well as adjusted for writing in RTL languages (Hebrew, Arabic, etc).

We are a group of developers and designers who have been building WordPress websites for clients for six years. During this past year we began developing themes based on our unique Framework, to create better and smarter WordPress themes. We already have almost 1,000 users and thousands of websites that work with our themes, and now it’s time that you too get to know Pojo.

We put special emphasis on themes’ unified development. They all have the same features making it possible to easily move from one theme to another, without any compatibility problems.

Aside from themes, we develop various plugins that will help you with the user experience while using WordPress, some of them can be found in the wordpress.org repository while others come with the theme as part of the Framwork.

We believe in sustainable businesses. This means that we do not offer unrealistic suggestions such as “lifetime support”. We do not promise something we can’t keep. Our business model is calculated carefully and fairly, so we could provide you with a great product and quick support, but most importantly: that we will be here for you.

We would like to thank all our users who have experienced Pojo and commented on various obstacles that they’ve come across along the way. It is in your merit that we have gained countless ideas and inisghts that have helped us develop a better product. It is our goal to provide for you a quality product with uncompromising support at a reasonable price. We’ll make sure to be attentive to your comments in order to better our understanding of the difficulties encountered by the users of our themes.

Thank You
The Pojo Team