Poza – Highly Styled Chic WordPress Theme

We’d like you to meet Poza – a highly styled chic theme which is especially suited for catalogue websites, shops or portfolios with extremely high image display, great for fashion and accessories stores. Poza is perfect for brands that have a centered  and always present logo.

You’re invited to view the demo that will give you the urge to shop:

Click Here to View the Demo »

The theme is of course completely compatible to WooCommerce shops and in it you will find all the favorite features that make Pojo themes so flex and simple. Those subscribed to our All themes package can download the theme from the download area right now. Enjoy!

What else is new?

Along with the new theme we released a new version to all our themes, in which we’ve added a number of features and bug fixes:

Customizable 404 pages
A request that has repeated itself a number of times, was to give a little personal touch to the 404 page in websiteswith our themes. So in this version we’ve added the option of slecting the page from which the 404 page content will be taken in the website. This way you can build especially creative 404 pages. You can see an example for inspiration in the Poza theme.

So how do you build a customizable 404 page?
You simply navigate to the Customizer > Layouts > 404 Page > there you can select the page’s layout and the page from which the content will be taken.


Pojo Forms: A new version of the plugin has been released, from now on you can customize the error and succeed messages. Simply naviagate to the form editing page > Form Options >Messages > select Customize. In addition, we’ve improved several bugs that will make the forms plugin even better.

WordPress: All themes are fully compatible to the latest WordPress version 4.3

Customizer: We’ve improved the Customizer area by adding a few fields: Site Title and Tagline, setting the website’s static Front Page and Posts Page.

Revolution Slider: The Revolution Slider plugin has been updated to version 5.0.7 – Please note that this version contains a very big change, after updating please go over all your active sliders and make sure everything looks as it should.

WooCommerce: The WooCommerce files have been updated with full compatibility to version +2.4. In addition, the “Recent Products” WooCommerce widget has been improved and enables a display of the products in a customizable order.

Better One Page: Starting from  this version while browsing the page with the anchors placed in the top menu, you can see your current location in the page with the Current code class, which emphasizes the current anchor. We’ve also improved the mobile navigation in One Page websites, from now on the menu will bring you to the exact section on the page, while closing the menu after the its been clicked.

Behind the scenes: We’ve added a Mirror server to our automatic updates system. From now on the servers with various security blocks can recieve license updates as well. We’ve also added downloadable updates from the Mirror server for backup.

Better Support

We’ve added to our support system in the forum several fields that will enable us to give you the fastest and most efficient support. Starting from the past few days whenever opening a new discussion, you can select the theme of which you want to receive support, and you can also choose a relevant category and add a private URL for the forum moderators only. This will enable us to receive right away a better picture of the issue, so we can give better replies at a much faster pace.

In the near future we will add a search according to the forum tags, so you can find the solutions by category or theme. So next time you want to open a new discussion in the forum, make sure to fill out the fields, it wil help us understand the issue faster and reply in a better way.