Come See what we’ve Accomplished – 2015

There are certain times when one needs to stop, take a step back and reflect. The year 2015 has just come to its end and we are proud to announce our accomplishments. It is moments like these which make it easy for us to smile and get excited about the future.

Our accomplishments of 2015

In this last year there has been a significant increase of themes that were designed by Pojo. As of today there are 8,500 websites that are being powered by Pojo and a new one that is being published every hour. We expect that this number will grow dramatically within the year so that we will reach more than 100,000 new websites created by Pojo.

More Themes and More Plugins

We are proud to be one of the only companies in the WP Themes market that is constantly adding new features to their themes through plugins and extensions. Up until now we have released 11 plugins (and counting) which are included free of charge as part of the package deal when purchasing a Pojo theme! The plugins are integrated such that they do not take away from the efficiency of the system if they are not being used. The plugins do allow you to increase the performance of all websites that are run by Pojo. We expect to continue the development of our library of plugins in the future.

In 2015, we released 6 plugins to the official WordPress database, including thousands of active installs.

  • Forms: +3,000 active installs
  • Accessibility: +1,000 active installs
  • Sidebars: +4,000 active installs
  • Fonts: +3,000 active installs
  • Demo Import: +4,000 active installs
  • News Ticker: +3,000 active installs

In addition we released 8 new beautiful themes and tons of new unique features which turned our framework to be even more advanced.

What’s New?

Furthermore we just released a new update which includes two new features and a handful of adjustments and improvements to our system which has given more stability and efficiency to our system than ever before.


The Login Screen can now be personally designed

The standard Installation of WordPress includes their logo and a link to Many users often times want to use their own, personal, logo or their customer’s logo here, and as a result, need to add external plugins. Considering the demands of our customers), in the new version we added the feature of a Login Screen directly into our themes. From here on out you can design the WordPress Login any way you would like. This includes changing the logo itself, its link and even the background of the WordPress page.

This feature is especially useful for people who want to have their logo or signature on the front page as well as keep the satisfactory of their clients. Simply go to Theme Options > General > Login Style.


System Information

In order for us to improve our technical support to help our users better understand the system of their website, we included an overview which provides information on your WordPress system and on your server of your website. With this information we can target bugs much quicker and assess how your server is configured. Simply go to Theme > System Info. Likewise we added the possibility of export the information to a txt file or to simply Copy & Paste with a single click.

So you are welcome to update Pojo and enjoy many pleasant surprises of 2016 with Pojo. See you soon.