Get 50% OFF Pojo Themes for Elementor, Our Best Deal of the Year!

The last few months have been very busy for the team at Pojo. We’ve put a lot of work into redesigning our entire 16 theme collection from the ground up. In fact, we practically rebuilt them, and created the perfect compatibility with Elementor Page Builder.

This compatibility added between Pojo themes & Elementor includes:

  • Hundreds of fully customizable demo pages created with Elementor.
  • Unique widgets compatible with Elementor. Including: Posts, Slider, Forms & Portfolio.
  • An entire redesign of all homepages with Elementor.
  • 100% responsive design on all themes, Using Elementor’s Mobile Editing feature.

We are proud to present the new line the themes for Elementor. You are invited to browse through the themes, and take a look at our beauties.


Black Friday – 50% Off On All Themes!

In addition to the relaunch of our themes, we are also having a Black Friday sale, with 50% off on all themes until Monday, 28.11.16. This is our biggest sale of the year, so we recommend you purchase one of our theme plans today.

5 Responses

  1. BadCat Reply

    Hi! Will these themes include the Elementor Pro version when that comes out?

  2. schaplin Reply

    Ben, Hi! I really enjoy using Elementor and want to combine that with a suite of themes that will have pre-built layouts that I can start with and then customize. So I’ve been looking into Pojo’s themes. Is the licensing for any images in the demo pages of the themes the same as for the Elementor templates? That is, can a designer use any of the images on an actual site if they fit the client’s needs? Or would every image need to be replaced, such as photos, .png textures, etc. Thanks for any information you may have.

    On thing that would be a great help to those considering Pojo themes would be some videos like the tutorials for Elementor on You Tube that would be great for instruction, but also a great advertisement for your themes. I’m very impressed with the thought put into Elementor’s overall design and ease of use. So I’m wanting themes that have the same traits. I know that there are many themes with tons of features. What Elementor does very well is to provide great control and features, but make them accessible in a simple way. You don’t feel lost scrolling through dozens of customization options, to the point where it would just be simpler to do the CSS yourself. So I’m looking for themes that have a similar user experience philosophy.

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