New Release: Portfolio, Typography and Advenced Youtube Player

Two weeks ago we launched our international website and continue to work hard on updates and new features in our themes. We’re pleased to present you the list of all new updates that have been released today so you could download and update.

What’s New?

Galleries (Portfolio)

Content Layout: Our gallery system has received a massive update that will allow you to smartly manage the gallery pages in a more flexible way. As of this version you can choose from 3 gallery layouts. In Theme Options you can choose the whole site’s layout, and in every page’s advanced options – a unique layout per gallery:

  1. Wide – Gallery / content, one above the other, in full width [Click to Demo]
  2. Content Right – Gallery and content next to one another [Click to Demo]
  3. Content Left – Gallery and content next to one another [Click to Demo]

Slideshow Mode: We’ve added more control over the featured image size, automatic height/width, the option to hide the thumbnails, especially useful in slideshows that include vertical and horizontal images.

Post Navigation

We’ve added an option of navigating between posts or galleries, this way you can switch between the previous and next pages with one click. You can control this area in Theme Options, you can specify whether to display it in all posts and galleries or only partially. In any case, the advanced options in every post or gallery you can choose whether to show or hide the navigation.

Header Layout

The following themes: Atlanta, Titanium, Border and River have recieved an upgrade in the header’s layout, and as of this version you can switch the alignment of the logo and menu (from right to left and vice versa), this way we evened it out with our new themes, where this option is included from the beginning.


We’ve added in the Typography area a full support of 100 new Google Fonts, this way we’ve come to nearly 700 fonts to choose from!!!


We’ve fixed the bug in which you couldn’t save pages that were overloaded with widgets. As of this version you can create very long pages using our Builder.

Video: In many cases, as in landing or business pages, you want to display a youtube video player. We wanted to add a little more control over its properties, so we’ve added controll over a number of interesting features:

  1. Show Player Controls
  2. Show video title and player actions
  3. Autoplay
  4. Show suggested videos when the video finishes

You can read more about this widget in our documentation

Title / Image&Text / Animated Numbers: We’ve added to these widgets the option of setting the typography, so you can better control their display in the page.

Product Categories (WooCommerce): We’ve added a better control over the this widget’s parameters, to allow you to display the product categories in the Builder pages as well.

Pojo Lightbox

In sites that are using the WooCommerce plugin, we’ve added an option of cancelling our scripts in the product pages, so you can choose various lightbox displays. In addition, we’ve improved the lightbox in mobile, so the option of zooming in won’t display outside the screen boundaries.

Pojo Sharing

Until now, the system would block you if you wanted to display the sharing button in the front page. In this version, we’ve added the option of displaying it in the front page as well.

Performance Optimization

We want your sites to run faster than they do today. Precisely for this we’ve compressed the Framework CSS files for better loading. This improvement will be more significant for the child themes. So if you’re using the child themes, you can perform compressed files reading by changing the parent theme’s style.css and rtl.css to style.min.css and rtl.min.css.

You’re welcome to update!!