10 Useful Mockups For Your Website

Many users ask us where they could find a Mockup like the one we placed in the Atlanta demo, and where is the River slider Mockup from. In the following post we’ve gathered for you 10 Free PSD Mockups that are especially useful for downloading, you’re welcome to start designing.

What is a Mockup?

Mockups are demo files intended for sampling how a certain design looks in different devices. In the designing world they are used for introducing a brand or new idea, to see how it looks, on a billboard, add in the newspaper or over a cup of coffee.

We use Mockups mainly in unique slides for the slider or as sample images for a portfolio. You can see many Mockup styles in our themes’ demo in the Portfolio area.

There are countless online Mockups, from which we’ve gathered for you the 10 most useful ones, to download or free use. They will help you design your website or display your projects in a cool way, and most importantly will help you sell more.

The Mockups are available in PSD format so you could easily and quickly change the colors, texts and images to perfectlysuit your portfolio.

Please note, there may be various copyright terms for some of the Mockups, we made sure to choose those that can be done with free use, but it’s always better to read the terms of use that next to each file.


Photorealistic PSD Mockup – iPhone 6

Photorealistic PSD Mockup – iPhone & iPad

Apple Responsive Showcase Mockup PSD

Photorealistic PSD Mockup – iPhone & MacBook

Samsung Galaxy s5 PSD Mockup

iPad with headphones
Photorealistic PSD Mockup – iPad

Apple Responsive Screen Mockup PSD

Nexus 6 PSD Mockup

Photorealistic PSD Mockup – MacBook Air

Photorealistic PSD Mockup – Smartphone & MacBook