Why You Need a Template Library

Once again we are here to tell you about our latest Pojo theme features. Today we’d like you to meet our new and very advanced Template Library.

What is a Template Library?
The Template Library allows you to save, export and import page templates in our Page Builder. With this feature you can import a template that you saved in a different page / website into any page you want. This can save you a lot of time in web-building.


Why do you need it?
Until now in the Page Builder you had the option of saving the page you’ve built and paste it in another page. From this version on you can export and import page templates, even into another website that works with one of our themes. This way you can easily transfer templates between different pages and websites.

We hope that this significant improvement we made for the user experience will make this whole area especially useful, so your web-building will be more pleasant and smooth.


So how does it work?
At the bottom of every Page Builder you will find two new buttons: Save Template and Template Library. By clicking the Template Library you will open a small screen with all the templates you have saved on your system. If you have already imported our demo content you will find here a few saved templates.

A click on every template will open on the right side of the screen all the template’s details: Title, description and a featured image that will help you get around faster in the library. To edit the template’s details you can click the “Edit Template” button.

The “Export Template” button allows you to download a JSON formatted file to your computer so you can import it into a different website which works with a Pojo theme.


How to manage the Template Library?
In this version a new area that was added under “Theme Options” will allow you to view all the template list that are in the site, edit their details, export or import a new template.

By clicking the “Templates” button you will open a page with a template importing window, as well as the list of the templates. In the importing window you can import the JSON files you had exported from a different website.


Do you like it? Give us you feedback.
So we could understand what is really important to you, we’ve added the option of giving us feedback on the Template Library. We’ll be very happy to receive you feedback as it will help us improve Pojo themes.

What else are we working on these days?

Flexibility: The option of adding column areas in the Page Builder that will gather a number of widgets into one column, thus allowing a lot of flexibility in designing complex pages.

Forms: A simple yet efficient form plugin that will allow you to create forms with just a few clicks, without requiring any code, and with a number of design options that will make you life especially easier.