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Meet Our New Page Builder Features

In the previous update we wrote to you that we are working on a number of significant improvements for our themes, so we’re now happy to present to you the new version of our Page Builder interface which will open for you a new world of design combinations and highly advanced layout options.

But why talk so much, click below to enter the demo where you can admire the endless design possibilities:

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And we couldn’t leave you without a special bonus: A template of the new page to download. This way you can import it into your site and begin to work on it with one click. This is also a unique opportunity for you to get to know the new Template Library a little better.

Download Template »

Please note: To enjoy all the new features, please upgrade the theme to its latest version!


Listed below are the features that have been added to this version:

Advanced Interface
A year has passed since we last updated the Page Builder design interface so we smoothed out its design so it would be easier to manage. We added icons, changed locations, improved several different aspects of the Drag & Drop method and from now on the widget interface works better even in lower screen resolutions and looks even better at very high ones.

Advanced Columns
Until now you were able create columns only for widgets, as of now we’ve added another layer of columns in which you can insert different widgets, and bind them into one column. Of course, in addition you can still change the widgets’ width in the column, this way allowing you tremendous flexibility while designing complex pages.

One-Click Columns
Once you’ve clicked on “Add New Section”  we added 11 structure choices that we have built for you to add with one click. When you click on a column structure, the area will open with the selected structure, and as always you can widen or narrow the columns or add a new column to the area.

Video Background
One of the most repeated requests in our idea forum and feedbacks is to add a video background to the Page Builder sections. This allows design freedom and gives a particularly dynamic feeling to long pages that require attention.


Section Text Color
As part of the section background video, it was requested that we would give an option to set a different text color for each section, so you can put videos in dark with light text color above them (or vice versa). Just go to “Section Settings” where you can find the text color design.

Better Support with SEO by Yoast
We’ve added a filter that copies the entire content of the widgets that appear in Builder also into the text editor. So now you can search the site and in the search results you will also find content that appears in the Builder’s widgets. In addition, you can use this content for the Keyword Focus interface in the SEO by Yoast plugin.

Please note, when using the Page Builder tab this feature will override the existing content in the “text editor” with every save, so if you made any changes there, you should update it in the relevant widget in the Page Builder tab.

Admin Label
If you are building long pages with the Page Builder, getting around the content is rather discouraging and tiring. So we added the option of an Admin Label to every widget, which is displayed only in the admin so you can easily go through your content in the Builder. This way you can quickly find just the widget you were looking for to edit.

What else is New?

Importer – We uploaded our Demo Importer plugin to the WordPress plugin repository, thus making the plugin installation fast and easy. In addition, we added a number of enhancements that will enable it to support different server configurations as well as Windows servers.

Sharing – We added a bug fix to the sharing via email so it will open nicely in narrow screens and mobile.

Tabs – We added a button which allows to add HTML code into the Tab widget’s content area.

You’re welcome to update your themes and receive the new features directly to your websites.

What’s Next?

Forms –  As we wrote to you in our previous release we are going to focus on releasing a light flexible form plugin that will allow you to add forms to your site without touching any code and with a number of design options to make your life easier.

Mega Menu – Another feature we plan to add in the near future for our themes is the option of creating more complex and wider menus for large sites. After we encountered users’ issues with plugins that are supposed to provide this functionality, we decided to do it our way, by creating a mega menu that will work more easily and most importantly with full integration with the Customizer interface.

Accessibility – A few weeks ago we opened a discussion in our idea forum for your participation regarding an accessibility  plugin, we received a lot of help and feedback but we would still love to hear any new ideas that will make our themes as accessible as possible, you are welcome to write to us below.

2 Responses

  1. Michal

    Nice improvement every day!! Will we see them in each template upgrade?

    Couldn’t find the tab HTML..

  2. Ariel Klikstein

    Yes, all themes with the same core and same features.
    It’s not a HTML tab, it’s a checkbox for HTML code.